Feleashia DenBeste

I had a blast with Carlos! We talked and got to know each other before the session making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I have done quite a few photo shoots with other amazing photographers, but I feel like I find a way to smile weird or something to mess it up.  I can be hard on myself not liking how I look in the images. That wasn't the case with the images from my shoot with Carlos.  I love how they turned out. :)

Deva Pearson

The best part about this whole experience was finding the confidence I never knew I had. Carlos Rendon helped me feel beautiful and it boosted my confidence immensely. Carlos does an outstanding job with his photography! He goes above and beyond to make you feel confident and beautiful with yourself in each and every photo. He takes the time to get to know you. I feel very comfortable when I have photo shoots with him. If I had to describe my photo shoots with one word it would be INSPIRING. I say inspiring because Carlos helped me see beauty in myself where I had never seen it before and made be more confident in myself. I've always had a dream to become a model, and with the confidence Carlos help me find I feel I can make that very dream come true one day. My final photos turned out way better the I expected. They were phenomenal. I would definitely recommend Carlos to everyone I know. Other shoots I’ve been to the photographer asks you a few questions but they never get to know you, you don't get a chance to build a bond and feel comfortable around them. With Carlos he's the opposite. He takes the time to get to know you and that makes the whole experience 100 times better.

Alexandria Cowles

I loved working with Carlos so much! He was so fun to work with and had such great ideas for photo shoots. He was so kind and funny and always made sure I was comfortable in whatever shoot we decided to do! Carlos is such a talented photographer and even more, a great person to get to know! I am so blessed to work with him!

Paige Pugmire

The best part of the experience was that Carlos had a vision. He really approaches glamour photography with the intent to bring out a person's most beautiful in an aritistic way. In a word: Fantastic! I was so excited and pleased with the photos I've seen so far and can't wait to see more. Absolutely would recommend. I really appreciated the effort he made to help me feel confident and coach when needed! It's a fine line to walk between the two, but he does both.

Sydney French

Carlos was great to work with. I had not modeled much before my shoot with him and was nervous I would feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. My experience with him was the complete opposite! He was very polite and respectful and he made me feel so comfortable. I appreciated how he told me how to pose, and how nice he was. The pictures returned were beautiful, and turned out much better than I imagined! They were beautiful and natural. I would love to work with him again.

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